Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Design for Life: on the BBC.

Since starting this project, our ears have pricked up in interest by the very mention of design education. A new reality show type show has been brought to us by the BBC and this time Alan Sugar has moved aside for Philippe Starck in the battle of the British designers. Both students and practicing designers are competing for an apprenticeship with Philippe Starck. The legendary product designer, controversially condemns Britain as having had no great design since Terrance Conran. Watch to see how the British team fair up under the pressure and challenges that the competition has to throw at them. I will be watching to see how British designers are judged by the Frenchman, I hope we won't be embarrassed.

BBC Two: every monday at 9pm

Thursday, 10 September 2009

D&AD Xchange

As part of our project the Transatlantic Divide in Design education that we completed in New York, we met Ian Wright a really great guy who couldn't do enough for us, he is an ex brighton lecturer and very talented designer. He was asked to do a lecture about him and his work at the D&AD Xchange and thought that our project was worthy of a 10 minute slot in his! It was so scary, there were lecturers and people from the industry everywhere, there were people like Storm Thorgerson and then there was us the only students there! We had to give a powerpoint presentation and talk for 10mins, it felt like a huge ask but I think once we were there and just started we just thought it was a great experience lets make the most of it and once we all got in to it the nerves seemed to fade and hopefully we just came across as us - four girls excited about a project we have created. It was really great so thank you Ian and after we all went for a well deserved drink yay.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

D&AD Xchange 09 7/8 September

We were invited by Ian Wright, to speak at the D&AD Xchange about our research project. We are to do so on the 8th of September.